Team Work is key in any work space, and is mandatory if the business in topic is to maintain itself at all. There are millions of businesses that could be discussed, but for the sake of intricacy (I have experience in the field), we’ll be using the airport this time.


You’d think this would go without saying, but apparently communication isn’t as important as you would think within the airport to some as it should be. A teammate that has a strong focus on this quality will quickly be the “Olympian among mortals”, because it’s often brushed off as “common sense” by most because it’s expected to be an easy task to master, when in fact it isn’t. All it takes is one extra gesture behind a word to change the intended meaning of that word, to set someone off. A smart teammate knows all about DELIVERY, and to deliver properly means to be a THINK,DO,THINK, not a do think do. And in a place like the Airport, where most of the terminal work consists of customer service representatives, it’s crucial one has a grasp on this particular skill by being clear and precise in his explanations of the situation at hand.


A good team player will be very patient with his co workers. I mean, you’re gonna have to co exist with these people everyday of the week, so you might want to make the wise decision of getting along with them, and a good way to do that, is to be patient. A team player will listen before he speaks, and be patient with aggravated co workers by not rushing to conclusions or ultimatums.


A selfless teammate will always put others before him or herself within the workplace. Examples would be considering the emotions of you’re co workers, taking pleasure in seeing you’re co workers succeed, which in turn motivates them to do better(or at least try), and not sacrificing, or making a sacrifice at the expense of another.


Cooperation is ESPECIALLY important at an Airport, being as if you can’t get along with a teammate, don’t expect the job to be completed in an orderly fashion. Working together on a set task, or aiding on multiple tasks to come to a conclusion that pleases the masses is one way to get that raise you may be worth. (Maybe)


Having you’re team trust you is without a doubt one of THE most important key nutrients to an environmental office salad. A good team player is trusted, which means his decisions are taken as fact, rather then second guessed, because you really don’t want you’re workers questioning you at every given opportunity.It gets annoying.


When a task is do, they’ll look to you! And you want that to be because you actually make an attempt when helping,not just doing it because you’re paid to. An active participator is gonna engage in the task, put thought into it and use critical thinking in order to get what needs to be done, done. We all know that one guy who does the job, or is told to do a job that you KNOW he doesn’t wanna do, and it’s not because he doesn’t like that particular job, but because hes’s lazy. Don’t be that guy.


Having goals is always good, it shows that you actively make an attempt to achieve things, and then look/expect to see them done. When you’re asked the popular question “what are you’re goals?”, there are 2 parts to that question. #1 To see if you even have goals at all, and then #2, what those goals actually are. Having goals always comes off as somewhat interesting to people, not only because most people don’t have them, but because they gravitate towards those that do. When you have a goal in life, it makes people think that you have a plan on how to execute those goals, and that you’re always doing something constructive, not a slacker, you don’t waste or intend to waste time. Then there’s the part that covers what those goals actually are. You have people who have what others call “unrealistic” goals, in which case are goals that are believed unreachable, based on a set of circumstances that might have influenced their decision. A good team player has goals, but not just to have them, but to encourage others to.